Identity Project

You've changed. We all have.

If you crave a space to reflect and revise at a deeper level, then this intimate group experience is for you 🤎


How would it feel to:

  • Re-acquaint yourself with your inner knowing through writing?
  • Gently explore and awaken the next chapter of your life / work?
  • Be genuinely supported by a small group of peers?

How it works:

  • We'll meet weekly, workshop style
  • In between sessions you'll work on a short piece of reflective writing, using the weekly theme
  • During the weekly workshops, we'll do some writing and reflection, share our work, and provide feedback and support to each other
  • Themes will be focused enough to provide structure, and open-ended enough to allow your intuition to participate; think: lineage, choices, flow
  • You'll emerge with a deeper understanding of who you are, and a written record to return to when needed

Workshop Details

Workshops will run on Fridays

November 4 - December 9 inclusive

11:30am - 1:30pm EST

on Zoom

Workshops will not be recorded

Who am I?

I'm a professional coach, writer, and founder of Allison Lockett Services and Stand On Your Head, where our mission is to empower multi-passionate humans in their careers, callings and creative pursuits.

Since 2019, I've helped over 250 clients build clear visions and personal momentum in their lives.

Why Identity?

Your sense of who you are is the primary factor in expanding or impeding your potential. It's really important.

Your identity has the potential to evolve continuously, but most people's won't.

Creativity and self-expression are powerful tools for exploring and rightsizing your identity.

I believe there's a dormant artist hiding inside of you. Let's invite it to the table and see what happens.

Is this for you?

This is a great fit if:

  • You feel your identity has shifted, or will soon, and you want to unpack that
  • You desire to make some big changes (work, home, health, family, impact, etc.)
  • You desire a space for reflection, insights and visioning (rather than tactics and action plans)
  • You are open to believing that you have untapped answers inside your being, and you are curious to access them
  • You see the value of writing for self awareness, and you want to develop this practice
  • You are ready to contribute in positive ways to a judgment-free group experience
  • You feel emotionally ready to do this work (maybe imperfectly ready; but if you need a support system, you've got one in place)
  • You have capacity to participate (video on) in the weekly workshops, and do some thinking / writing between sessions (aim for 1-3 hours; how much time you spend is up to you)
  • Your feelings about sharing your work with a small, safe group range from "can't wait" to "nervous but excited"

This is NOT a great fit if:

  • You know exactly who you are and who you're becoming, and feel clear and comfortable with both
  • You are in a "just cruising" phase and not looking for disruptive epiphanies or inspiration right now
  • You desire tactics and action plans now (you get bored quickly with reflection, insights, and visioning)
  • You are looking for someone to direct you from the outside, rather than guiding you to look inside yourself
  • You don't like writing much, and developing it as a tool is not that interesting to you
  • You're not sure that you can show up without being openly judgmental of others
  • You are not emotionally ready to do this work (note: if you have unprocessed trauma that may surface, you need a support system. Your facilitator is not a therapist, but we can refer you to some great ones)
  • You aren't able to commit the time and energy to engage in the weekly workshops or spend time between workshops
  • Your feelings about sharing your work with a small, safe group range from "nervous to the point of nausea" to "worst nightmare" level terror

Do you have the courage to bring forth the treasures that are hidden within you?

Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic

The next cohort starts Friday November 4

Register by Friday October 28

Investment: $400


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