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Astrology is an energetic language and portal to self reflection. It can help you understand yourself and your personal development journey better, through lenses of mysticism, curiosity, intuition and ancient wisdom. If you are curious, the deeper waters are calling.


I love how you explained everything in such a simple yet nuanced way. I have never done something like this before and it was fascinating. I liked that this was a 2-way conversation, where we interpreted and discussed things together. Thank you!

Anonymous Client, new to astrology

Wow. I’ll be back 🙂

Anonymous Client, curiosity satiated (for now)

The fact that Allison is trained as a coach enriches this experience so much. Loved it.

Anonymous Client, embarking on a personal development journey

Allison has a gift for interpreting this stuff. She makes it relevant and so, so affirming. I feel seen and more empowered than I have in a long time!

Anonymous Client, empowered to make change

Intuitive readings offer tools to see our lives in new ways. It provides opportunities for reflection, developing new perspectives, refocusing our energy and clarifying our path. We’ll pull from various practices including guided meditation, elemental healing, ritual and Tarot, to strengthen your spiritual connection and awaken your intuitive compass. If you are curious, the deeper waters are calling.