Hi! I’m Allison Lockett and I created Stand On Your Head to empower people to do their best work. I help people find and excel at the work they were made for. I help you get clarity, master career transitions and develop high performance habits that lead to you outperforming your goals.

You may have landed here because you feel there is something more for you when it comes to your career. You have incredible gifts and value to offer but you need more clarity, support, courage and a plan to get you there.

Here’s a photo of me next to a toy tool bench (get it?). But actually, I just like how I look real in this photo. Part of my career philosophy is to bring my Whole Self to work. And I want that for you too.


My journey

For many years I have been building a successful, satisfying career in HR, as a consultant in a boutique start-up firm and then in-house at elite companies where I generally love the work, the people an the action.

I have created countless workplace programs to engage and develop people, screened and interviewed hundreds of job seekers, and mentored dozens of professionals on their path to greatness.

On the side I earned an MBA, was valedictorian of my class, joined industry associations, took writing and speaking opportunities and volunteered for every interesting thing I could. Basically, I hustled and I loved it.

Hitting a wall

Then all of a sudden in my early thirties I hit a wall. I felt like my momentum was slowing down, like I wasn’t sure what move to make or where to focus. I wasn’t sure what was supposed to come next.

Meanwhile a tiny voice that had previously whispered to me on occasion – usually while I was head-down creating some “very important” memo or presentation – started YELLING AT ME.

When I finally listened, I started seeing that my values, tools and purpose were aligned to a slightly different path. I realized part of the reason I’m here is to serve people in creating their dream careers, and my first task was to figure out how to do that for myself.

Worlds collide

In a strange coincidence (correction: perfect divine order), alongside my super busy corporate life I had managed to clock fifteen years on and off the mat practicing and teaching yoga, meditation and mindset.

Personal development has always been a passion and my favourite topic to research. I’ve read countless books on this topic and literally sat at the feet of incredible mentors in business and life to learn and gather techniques and tools for growing every day.

I started wanting to share all of that wisdom with the world.

Radical evolution

Having spent a lot of my working life keeping a low-profile, it was strange for me, once I saw what I was meant to be doing, to all of a sudden “come out” in the world as an individual with something to say. I mean, something that came from my mind and heart, not my employer.

However. The moment I accepted that greater alignment was possible, the fears I had previously wrestled with just evaporated, and I got started.

I started making different choices, focusing on different things, setting different goals. Ultimately I started building Stand on Your Head, a place where smart people – ones who think they should have it all figured it out – can grow their self-awareness, dream awesome dreams and make things happen, too.

And now…

Let’s just say I’m your secret weapon when it comes to shifting your perspective and radically evolving your career. I know companies, I know careers, I know personal development and I have radically evolved my self.

My passion is helping people find and excel at the work they were made for – and in turn, love their work, love their life and rise to their potential. If my story resonates with you, you’re probably feeling the pull too: you’re ready to radically evolve. We can get you there. It’s not too late.

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