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Stand On Your Head is a coaching and education platform helping people do their best work.

What do we mean by “best work”?

Your best work is the work you were made for. It’s the work that affords you opportunities to learn and grow toward your strengths and talents.

Your best work drives your best results. Results can be visible (like ROI, promotions and raises) or invisible (like conquering self-sabotage, learning to collaborate, and making unpopular decisions that align to your values).

Your best work is the legacy you leave behind. It’s your contributions (conscious or unconscious) to the people and systems your work touches.

Why “Stand On Your Head”?

Personal development is challenging. Getting support helps.

The yoga headstand is considered an advanced pose, but it isn’t that physically challenging; it’s mentally challenging. A lot of yogis start working on their headstand next to a wall – it helps them get oriented and build mental strength. A great coach can be like that wall: they lend you confidence to go after the things you might not think you are ready to try on your own.

Also: going upside down is a great way to shift perspectives, and we’re all about seeing things differently. The world of work is evolving, but often we feel stuck, trying to solve new problems with old methods. We want to inspire a shift toward more creativity and humanity in peoples’ working lives, but first we need to start seeing things differently.

And finally: we insist on standing for something. The ideas in your head are a great place to start. Every person has a unique view of the world, and we like how interesting and exciting that is.

What we believe about people and work right now

  1. We believe self-understanding is the first step to personal development and career fulfillment. 
  2. We believe each human being has individual strengths and talents that are clues to their calling. 
  3. We believe that each human being’s best work is the product of their strengths and talents. 
  4. We believe that empowering every human being to do their best work, based on their definition of success, makes the world better. 
  5. We believe in less hierarchical workplaces, built on mutual respect for individual contributions, fair and straightforward policies, and ample compassion. 
  6. We believe caregiving is a critical societal role, and that we need cultural change to support – not penalize – the working lives of people who are caregivers.  

About Allison Lockett

Since 2019, Allison has helped over 500 clients do their best work. She holds accreditation as an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation.

Prior to creating Stand On Your Head, Allison spent over a decade focused on enabling human potential at work. She went from corporate consultant to in-house functional expert, supporting corporations of all sizes, start-up’s, and not-for-profits on compensation, recruitment, and talent development strategies.

Allison likes learning. She has earned an MBA (Smith School of Business, Queen’s University), HBA (Richard Ivey School of Business, Western University), and Bachelor of Musical Arts (Western University), in addition to certificates in Writing (Western University) and Yoga Teacher Training (200 hours).

Are you ready to do your best work?