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Welcome to the beating heart of Stand On Your Head. Coaching here is aligned to the International Coach Federation’s standards and ethics, and incorporates practical, on-the-ground professional experience. Coaching is focused on supporting people experiencing career transitions throughout the career cycle.

Career Transitions include all the exciting opportunities, unexpected setbacks, and countless decisions points throughout your career. Career Transitions are inevitable, and getting support not only helps position clients for the best and most strategic outcome, it also positively impacts their wellbeing.

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I came to Allison for coaching after 18 months and dozens of interview processes with no offers, feeling desperate, devalued and frustrated. She helped me heal some of the job-related trauma I had experienced, focus my search on what I really wanted to be doing, and position myself and my skills in the most effective way for prospective employers. Not saying she’s magic, but I did receive an incredible job offer 2 days after our final session! I couldn’t have done it without her guidance and support. Thanks so much Allison!

Client rebounding after setback

During the pandemic, I began experiencing a major shift in values and ultimately decided that it was time to leave my corporate job to pursue a new path guided by purpose and spirituality. On this journey, I encountered a lot of resistance and limiting beliefs that were preventing me from action. This is exactly why, I am grateful to have met Allison who helped me get out of my head and supported me in the moments when I almost gave up. Navigating life and career changes are not transitions we should ever do in a solo journey and I am glad that Allison is with me on mine!

Client stepping into entrepreneurship