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Clarify your purpose

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An unlikely event: I bought Oprah’s Best Advice Ever book at Dollarama. It was a steal at three dollars. Dollarama is a dangerous place full of wonders. A discerning shopper can save a lot of money there. Anyone else is apt to waste money (albeit in small amounts) on junk.

Ever since this, I’ve been ruthless about what possessions I take on. If they don’t spark joy, they can’t live in my home. But this book. Oprah frickin Winfrey. Goddess of wisdom. Just watch this little gem .

The book aisle of Dollarama reminds me of that scene in The Devil Wears Prada where Merryl Streep explains the fashion industry to Anne Hathaway – how magazine editors chart the course, big name designers follow it, then knock off designers follow them, then discount wholesalers follow them, and so on. I thought about Oprah in her Big Office signing off on this book and launching it in major book retailers. What path did it take to land at this Dollarama on Dundas Street?

Anyhow, now it’s at my house. And here’s what it says…

“Once you clarify your purpose for doing something, the way to do it becomes clear.”

Since she can’t really understand English yet, it was totally reasonable for me to watch House of Cards while getting baby F ready for bed all summer. She got her coconut oil massage. I got my twisted profane political drama and my girl-crush on Robyn Wright who, incidentally, is also a powerhouse in real life.

In the show Kevin Spacey clarified his purpose. He wants power. And he does what’s necessary to get it.

The Devil Wears Prada is as much about work as it is another endearing coming-of-age story. It tells the story of very successful people who dedicate their lives to their work.  Merryl Streep’s purpose is to chart the course of fashion.

What if you clarified your purpose in your work? Imagine you could just do that one thing, however hard, and then everything after that became clearer?

You could have more certainty, more peace of mind, more confidence in your actions.

Clarify your purpose, and the path becomes clear. Thank you Dollarama, Oprah Winfrey and Netflix.





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