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Your most important investment

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I’m just going to say it: investing in your development is the most important money and time you will ever spend.

But for most of us, our development is the last thing we’re investing in.

When I say investing in yourself

I mean: Going on a retreat, or getting a therapist, or learning skills you want to learn, or hiring a coach to help you achieve your goal of building an empire. I mean bringing an expert on board to help you clean up your thinking and finally get the results you want in your life. These are the game changers. Their payoff goes so far beyond buying a bag that it makes spending money on things seem ridiculous.

Wait, I can use use my money and time to become the best possible version of myself, and actually increase my self-awareness, focus and fulfillment for the all the years to come?


It’s real. My own money “stuff” stopped me from investing in myself for many, many years. If that’s you too, let me take you through some of the results I’ve seen in a five week coaching program I run with my good friends over at tellent. The women who enter this program are in career transition. And here’s what happened after five weeks together:

They defined what they wanted 

This is HARD. Most people “fall into” their career path, through a combination of desire, timing, luck and who or what they knew at the point of each little decision that built the road they’re now standing on, often bewildered, often uncertain where to go next.

Consciously defining what you ACTUALLY want is the first step toward transformation. What did it look like for these women? A few examples:

  • A real seat at the leadership table
  • Work that asks me to be creative
  • Helping others while making money
  • Flexibility to be with my family and build my career at the same time

They made big, tough career decisions 

You know I’m a fan of making decisions. Big decisions about work can feel incredibly high-stakes, complex and carry risks to your stability. Yay! Here are some big, tough decisions these women bravely made:

  • Quitting the job that is killing my soul
  • Changing industries completely
  • Working part-time to support my mental and physical health
  • Committing to full-time parenting while my kids are little, and feeling zero guilt, shame or anxiety about it

And how did they feel after making these decisions? LIBERATED!! Out of indecision and into action…

They took action

This is the the best part. Without action, there’s nothing. For many of these women, the actions started small over the five weeks together, then momentum built over the next few months. Some highlights:

  • Landed the job she wanted
  • Negotiated more flexibility to work from home
  • Completed all courses and is working in real estate
  • Launched a business that uses all her best gifts
  • Networked and pivoted into work she actually cares about

A recap

This is a sampler, to show you what’s possible with a small investment of your time and money into your most important asset – YOU. With the right support, there are no limits on what you can do. If you want to develop yourself (and I hope you do!), the door is open. All you have to do is walk through it.

PS!  If you like the door they walked through, you can join the exact same program between now and next Friday, Feb 1. If you join by the end of this weekend, you’ll get a free gift 🙂 Learn aaaaaalllll about it and the amazing work tellent is doing over HERE.

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