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How to live more consciously

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Remember those “what to pack” lists you’d get before summer camp? 

Underwear x 20. Flashlight. Raincoat. 

Between having a milestone birthday and all the astrological themes this month that point to letting go, I’ve been thinking about what each of us has packed and chosen to literally haul around everywhere.

So much of what’s in our lives and minds got their unconsciously. Full transparency: I’m here to change that.  

What have you packed in that enormous bag of yours?

The good and the bad. Your daily activities. Your j-o-b. Your relationships. What you think about yourself, what you think others think about you. Your proudest successes. Your unhealed hurts. All of it. 

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know I think things should feel good 75- 80% of the time. For argument’s sake, let’s wind that expectation right back and say that 50% is fine.

Fifty percent of the time, it’s supposed to be fun. Fifty percent of the time, it’s supposed to feel good. Fifty percent of the time, it’s supposed to be magical and lit up and gooey and gorgeous, or close.

So, what have you got on your plate right now that is not delivering?

And, how can you dial it back to MAKE ROOM for something else that CAN deliver?

Pack strategically for you (it’s your journey)

One of the best things about having a two-year old is the shrieking giggles. Lately before we go to sleep we take a good half hour to act like goof balls. We have INSIDE jokes only we know are funny.

Like, when I hide under the blankets and she vaults over my body and then goes hysterical. Like when she asks me for water (MY water) and just as I’m placing it back on the bedside table, she says “more”. And goes hysterical. I end that game after 5-10 rounds, but honestly who knows how long she could go. 

We read stories. We turn out the light. We say our grateful’s. She says “come closer.” Not sure if that’s being two or a love language, but I usually oblige. We fall asleep next to each other. 

Yes, sometimes things get heated over teeth-brushing. I mean, we’re human. But overall, the entire routine is a big heart-warming party 85% of the time.

I can’t tell you the number of well-meaning people who’ve casually tossed out their views that falling asleep next to your child is a “bad habit”.

Believe me, I get it. And I respect and love most of the people who’ve said it. But for me, the bedtime routine is delivering. And for now, I’m keeping it.

That is conscious packing and conscious living. 

What not to pack

You know what’s not fun? Toxic relationships. Mean bosses. Feeling small. Social gatherings that feel like obligations. Probably a good portion of the scripts playing in your mind day to day. are. not. fun.

So, here’s your invitation! And here’s a journal prompt to get you going:

When I think about my daily schedule, what things are delivering fun and positive vibes more than 50% of the time? And what things are not?

Then…. snip, snip, snip.

Edit, ruthlessly.

Because, if you want to create a conscious life full of all the things you desire, you’re going to need to pack wisely.

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