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Playing for prizes

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I didn’t grow up playing video games, but I saw enough Nintendo at friends’ houses to glean this: you ran / hopped / glided through different obstacle-filled environments, intentionally running into things, in order to score points. …right?

Can’t you just hear the digital music in the background? #80sbaby

Lesson #1 from the parenting journey (of a zillion million lessons)

Alert: I’m going to share something about giving birth. I gave birth to my babies by firefight relying solely on the hormonal anesthetic to get me through. I felt and experienced it FULLY.

Let’s be clear: there is only one “right” way to give birth, and that’s the way that’s right for YOU. I have massive respect for all warrior goddesses who have brought a human into the world, in whatever way they’ve done it. All mothers are AMAZING .

All that said.

My births – i.e., the days I birthed my two babies- were incredibly profound for me in ways it has taken years to process (still processing).

That strength – that release – that act of creation – that concentration of energy – it changed me.

The births were a catalyst. An activator. Of a new conviction, stronger will, sharper focus.

The prizes are sitting inside your fears

You don’t have to go and have an unmedicated birth by firelight to be profoundly transformed (but, hey, I’m not not recommending that experience).

To step into your power, to reclaim your magical essence, to move forward in strength and flow with the universe… you need to do this:

Choose an obstacle that’s in your path and smash your whole body directly into it – then wait, and listen for the digital music as you collect all the coins / gifts / etc. that it was holding, waiting for you to embolden yourself and claim your prize.

Like a pinata at a party

At the end of 2018 I played for prizes again – and again, I unearthed a level of inner strength and power that had been dormant.

I did it by taking a stand for myself and for taking complete responsibility for my life. I made a decision to leave my corporate HR job and follow a path into entrepreneurship.

I made a decision to create space for the work I’m here on the planet to do, and be present for my family along the way.

I made a decision.

And most people’s reaction was: you’re so brave.

Playing for prizes is brave

I never saw myself as “brave” before. I formerly identified as quite the opposite, actually. Since I started playing for prizes, I can honestly say I’m one fiercely brave human.

My life is a work in progress, same as yours. Sometimes there are setbacks. BUT now my life feels more integrated and less compartmentalized, more present and less anxious, more creative and less controlled. Playing for prizes is totally terrifying and, if you remember to let it in, SO MUCH MORE FUN. ‘Turns out, being brave is fun.

Make the decision

If you want to feel the rush, if you want to catapult forward after your wildest dreams … what you need to do is make the decision to do it.

Just make the decision.

Get invested. Step into your competitive spirit. Compete with your best self to become your even better self.

I urge you: start playing for prizes.

The coins and digital music are waiting.

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