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Nurture your working life: part 4 (Possibility)

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This is a 4-part series to help you nurture your working life. Check out Part 1 (Intention) over here, Part 2 (Foundation) over here. and Part 3 (Inputs) over here.

I am not really a fan of the notion that “if you don’t know exactly where you’re going, how will you get anywhere?”

The truth is, a lot of people get a lot of interesting, wonderful places, by following their curiosity and following their luck.

Others absolutely need a bullseye to shoot at.

The most important question I can ask you, then, is this:

Which kind of person are you?

It doesn’t matter how you process possibility.

It matters THAT you process possibility.

What matters is seeing how one thing can become something else entirely.

Back to the garden

We’re at an aggressive weeding stage. There’s a substantial population of goutweed overcrowding the lilies and creeping euonymus.

Actually the overwhelming majority of plants in this garden I’ve been learning for the past few years, are creepers. Some, I’ve committed to loving while managing their presence: English Ivy, Spirea, Lily of the Valley, Euonymus. Others I’m looking to banish – goutweed, and violets. Oh, the violets.

BUT the thing about pulling out 75 square feet of goutweed, is that now I’m left with nothing but dirt.

Correction: Possibility.

If you don’t see possibility where you are, change how or where you’re looking

The moment your sense of possibility leaves you is the moment your plants start to die.

Whatever you need to do to remain with possibility, do that.

For me, it’s this garden bringing me back again and again to my creative energy, to my connection with earth itself.

For you, it might be your manager who backs you up, or the project you’re championing, or the program you’re developing.

Find the possibility.

Hold the possibility.

To continue nurturing your working life, continue to befriend possibility.

Let’s review

Thus ends our Nurture your working life series, all about treating your working life like a group of plants.

So far we’ve covered the super fabulous and under-acknowledged fact that it is your privilege to define WHAT plants you include in your working life (we call this: Intention), and, critically to their development, WHERE they grow (we call this: Foundation).

We’ve shared how to choose the conditions that support your development (we call this: Inputs).

And finally, we commit to facing in the direction of optimism and growth, or at least, evolution and change (we call this: Possibility).

In many cases, the only gardener you need is YOU.

Have you got thoughts to share? Comment below or DM me over here 🙂

I’m cheering you on.

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